Residential Strata Management

Bellcourt are here to tailor our services to your specific needs. We look to work closely with the Council of Owners to ensure an effective and efficient plan is put in place to maintain and enhance the development, making it an affordable and enjoyable place to live.

Bellcourt has experience in almost every facet of strata living. We have excellent facilities and programs offering client login options. We have a trade agreement with an extensive list of contractors, enabling us to source competitive quotes and we apply a rigorous annual quality assurance assessment to ensure you get what you pay for. We know how to mediate and resolve your problems to help enhance the community atmosphere. No scheme is too big or too small, all provide a home for our clients and we take pride in making it an enjoyable place to live.

Commercial Strata Management

The commercial property market is going through some challenging times, which is anticipated to continue for several more years. Bellcourt understands the challenges of reducing outgoings and tailoring the annual budgets to deliver savings, while also maintaining the property to a high standard. We also understand the importance of the tenant and working with the property manager to deliver a high level of service.

Given Scott’s previous experiences, he is well placed to assist with lease advice and has a comprehensive understanding when it comes to retail and more specifically food tenancies.

Mixed Use Strata Management

Bellcourt is working with a number of innovative developers that are challenging previous design concepts. We are assisting their teams with achieving unique, high-end facilities that are sympathetic towards operational management procedures, thus reducing costs and making them more attractive to the market, while ensuring a harmonised community focused scheme is created.

Reforms will help provide more flexible and sustainable housing options to benefit developers, strata owners, investors, residents and tenants.  As such, mixed use developments will become more and more popular.

Medical Strata Management

Bellcourt was responsible for working with Ramsay Health Care to prepare budgets and management statements for the Hollywood Specialist Centre in 1998 and the subsequent medical centre built 2010.  Bellcourt still deals with all facilities management including procurement and tendering, contractor maintenance, cleaners and concierge facilities and recently finalised a $350,000 solar panel installation project.

In addition to the Hollywood Specialist Centre, Bellcourt manage several other healthcare facilities.  We understand the critical importance of the patient and client, ensuring the highest level of attendance, thus maintaining the essential services the facility provides and requires.

Hotel & Short Stay Management

Managing hotels and short stay apartments and units requires fast response times and reliable tradespeople. Visitors to these resorts expect top-class service and accommodation, so when maintenance and repairs are required it needs to happen quickly and professionally. 

We know that resort owners want the highest possible return on their investments, and we prepare budgets and select contractors with this in mind.

We make sure to build good relationships with onsite resort managers and other support staff – administrators, cleaners, gardeners – to maintain open lines of communication and cooperation in the running of your property.

Developer Services

The strata industry in WA needs to evolve and mature, given it is often viewed by many as lacking in sophistication with the strata manager unable to offer much towards enhancing the scheme.

Bellcourt is unique, we specialise in strata and have a highly skilled team that will value add to any new development by ensuring a smooth transition for residents moving in and by promoting a socially sustainable community that ensures there is demand to purchase within the scheme.

Scott Bellerby, the managing director, has worked as a senior development manager and is experienced in all facets of the development process and litigation, and licenced commercial property valuation.

As a team we look to assist the developer along the entire development chain, as required. We can offer our diverse experiences and advise with regards to the efficient and effective design and management of any strata scheme from 10 lots to 500 lots; residential, office, medical, retail, including taverns, we have done them all.