Tips for preventing/reducing water damage to properties

One of our insurer partners, Chubb insurance, has recently released a report saying that for their home insurance product, water damage claims are now a more common and costlier risk than burglaries or fire. This has certainly been our experience with the claims from our customers as well. Whilst we support our customers to manage the claim and ensure an efficient and fair process, they can still be adversely impacted from the event. Apart from the cost of repairs itself, affected customers still have to go through the time and effort of the claims process and inconvenience during the repairs.

By proactively carrying out maintenance on your property, you can greatly reduce the risk and impact of water damage to your property. Chubb have released the attached flyer on what you can do to protect your property. A few minutes of regular inspection is certainly a good investment to avoid a costly water damage event.

(If you’d like to read the full report, it is available from Chubb via:


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