Our Contractors

A Strata Manager is sometimes only as good as the list of tradespeople that they use.  In Bellcourt’s case, their size and experience means they have the power to obtain extremely competitive quotes and, more importantly, reliable and efficient contractors.

Each month Bellcourt accounts for over $1 million in contractor fees. The core of tradespeople used by our company provide a wide range of services and we are constantly working with our tradespeople to ensure our owners are getting value for money and quality of service.  Bellcourt is implementing trade agreements to our core providers to guarantee that our client’s expectations are being met and to ensure they adhere to our SPS Guide requirements. Specialised building and structural experts can be sourced to provide professional advice on any building problem and to help set a short, medium and long term building maintenance program and reserve fund budget for strata companies Bellcourt use the services of a Trades Monitor to ensure that every tradesperson we engage is accredited and insured, guaranteeing a high quality of risk management for our owners. If required, a strata company’s own preferred tradespeople can be retained and Bellcourt is happy to forge new working relationships.  This is generally the case when it comes to new developments, as the installer is often the best person to subsequently service the equipment. Bellcourt has extensive experience in working with builders following practical completion and we ensure this relationship is maintained to the highest level of service.  This mutual respect ensures we can efficiently manage the defect period and guarantees that we can meet our new resident’s expectations and help educate them along the way. Given our experience with new developments, we have a range of informative brochures and templates that can assist all parties when the transformation comes from being a building site to an enjoyable place to live and work.  As part of our budgeting for new developments we ensure a building defect report is costed, which we organise two months out from the expiry of the defect period.  We then work closely with the builder to address any items of concern that may still need attention.