Bellcourt Strata Management

Bellcourt is one of WA’s most respected strata management companies, offering exclusive state-wide strata management services.

In 2017 we won SCA WA Large Strata Community Management Business of the year and in 2018, we were finalists in the National SCA Large Strata Community Management Business of the year.

Currently we manage over 200 strata companies consisting of around 5,000 lots.

Strata Management

No two people are the same and with more and more people anticipated to be living in strata schemes, Bellcourt understands that each development is unique and residents approach things differently.

Developer Services

We understand the developer is looking to leave a legacy behind and we want to ensure this is achieved.  Our experiences enable us to take the development from concept, to building site, to a socially sustainable community ensuring it is an enjoyable place to live and work.

Community Titles

Preparing and managing Community Title Schemes will be an incredibly specialized field and should only be undertake by those strata managers with the necessary skill-set.

Our Experience

Bellcourt boasts decades of experience in strata management across a range of industries and has built up a portfolio of strong partnerships with leading Western Australian entities.

  • Residential Strata Management
  • Mixed Use Strata Management
  • Commercial Strata Management
  • Medical Strata Management
  • Hotel & Short Stay Management


Why choose Bellcourt?

Bellcourt understand the expectations and demands that come with managing your unique scheme.

Our long term relationships with a number of strata companies, which in a lot of cases extends beyond 22 years, is a clear demonstration that we can deliver exceptional service that exceeds our client’s expectations.

What others are saying

Owner, Sandalwood Villas

I am writing to once again congratulate Debbie Morley on a beautifully handled meeting. Again, so clearly explaining all points taking into consideration that many of us older folk have the habit of forgetting the rules.

Lisa Rossi, Owner

I cannot speak more highly of the service that I have received from Debbie Morley at Bellcourt, and that of her colleagues. Although I have been a property owner for the past 14 years and have dealt with Bellcourt during all of that time, it’s only been the last few years that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Debbie.

Whether it’s with regard to asking questions and seeking advice about my own property or, seeking guidance on behalf of the Council of Owners that I currently chair, I have always found Debbie to be very responsive and helpful. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in strata matters and is always on hand to assist in anyway she can, providing information and guidance on a wide range of issues.

Having Debbie on hand is a wonderful support as an owner, and I could not be more grateful to her for giving me her time and counsel.

Owner, Causeway Gardens

I would like to personally commend Kim for her assistance and all her hard work as regards to her role with Causeway Gardens.

 Her knowledge as regards to Strata Law, her professionalism and her ability to remain objective and calm regardless of the many issues we are presented with on an ongoing basis is commendable.

We very much appreciate her hard work.  Kim and Bellcourt have been instrumental in the Council being able to move forward with planned and ‘crisis’ projects, such as the electrical works and providing a service to all Owners.

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